Software piracy – advice for retailers

Do you realise how much profit you could be losing because of these pirates?

Every year thousands of pounds worth of illegal software is sold in the United Kingdom, at car boot sales, markets, mail order and other retail outlets by unscrupulous traders. These traders sell pirated and counterfeit software at a fraction of the price of the genuine article and yet pay no taxes or business rates. All earnings are cash in hand, pure profit, while you lose out on sales, suffer from reduced profits and still have overheads to pay.

The software sold by these traders has been illegally copied without the approval of the manufacturers and distributors, comes with no money back guarantee (even if you manage to trace the trader) instruction manuals or packaging. The only attraction is that it is cheap, often only at a fraction of the cost of the same item in your premises right now.

Can You Help Us To Help You?

The ELSPA Anti-Piracy Unit requires your help to catch these pirates.

All you need to do is tell us of anyone selling pirate or counterfeit software and we will investigate.